Posted by Adam McEachren on 2021 Apr 13th


Home Grown Fitness is excited to welcome you to our new online store.  We have been working hard on creating a website that optimises your experience helping you to find the fitness products and support you desire quickly.  This has caused us to rethink our previous platform and bring something to the table that allows us to reach more people in a way we can build a community around Home Fitness.

This past year I believe everyone who has and will visit our site has atleast attempted a home workout to differing levels of success.  Although it is not crucial to build a home gym that reflects the commercial facilities we have become familiar with, it does require some key equipment to maintain and build the strength we have fought so hard for over the years.  These are the products we have been aggressively pursuing from both local Canadian and overseas suppliers.

Throughout the past year I personally have learned to love and admire the home gym set up both from the functionality, lack of commute, line ups, waiting for equipment and quite frankly missing my kids.  We believe home gyms are the future of fitness, not only to build ourselves but to foster a culture of fitness in our families and pass on healthy lifestyle habits to our children for generations of strength and functionality.

The message that we have been receiving over the past year quite frankly has not been very positive and many of us have lost sight of what matters.  Our routines have been shattered, relationships have disintegrated and our physical health has taken a beating.  I believe that we can all come out of this pandemic a better version of ourselves but it is going to take discipline and vision like we have never had before.  So if they're gonna tell us to "Stay Home" we will Get Strong!


"Stay Home and Get Strong"