Terms and Conditions

Term of Service and Conditions

Here at Home Grown Fitness we strive to provide a level of service that gets you the high quality fitness equipment products you desire.  Beyond our relationship at the checkout we provide continuing customer service and correspondance for any and all your requests. 


The products we sell are not for young children and untrained individuals without adequate supervision within a focused teaching environment.  All of our equipment is to be fully secured upon installation and deemed to be potentially dangerous if in the reach of children.  A gym is not a playhouse and we would be devestated to ever hear of our equipment causing bodily injury or even death due to misuse.


Upon the completion of the transaction between Home Grown Fitness and relative parties, We, Home Grown Fitness, take no responsibility for any injuries and/or losses whatsoever in relation to the products we sell within our store.


Please keep safety top of mind and continue to Stay Home and Get Strong!!!