Cast Iron Kettlebell Set 146KG/321LB

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Commercial quality, competition worthy and aesthetic appearance.

***Our newest batch of kettlebells boast the same quality build and performance but are not quite as pretty.  This has allowed us to provide new heavily dicounted prices; real photos attached***


Functional fitness at your core!!!  The revival of this ancient product in the past decade is well deserved.  The application of Kettlebells in a functional workout is endless and can keep you moving and building muscle for the rest of your life.  Kettlebell workouts are a perfect balance between strength and metabolic conditioning.  Kettlebells allow you to maintain your cardiovascular health at home without the need for large expensive cardio equipment and strength machines.  Build extensive core strength and pelvic stability to reverse the deadly effects of long term sitting.  Modify your planes of motion and shoulder position to work around potential mobility restrictions and aggravating joint pain.  Stay strong for life!



Sizes: 4kg/8.8lb, 6kg/13.2lb, 8kg/17.6lb,10kg/22lb, 12kg/26.4lb, 16kg/35.2lb, 18kg/39.6lb, 20kg/44lb, 24kg/52.8lb, 28kg/61.6lb,

146kg/321lb Per Set


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Cast Iron (Yes you can throw it:)

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