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ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELL SET 90lb Pair (Includes 2 dumbbells)
"Pandemic Product of the Year"
***This product ships free to Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver and surrounding areas***
Adjustable dumbbells have definately evolved over the past years from the original power blocks with their square design and unnatural feel. These Adjustable Dumbbells are the perfect solution to square footage restraints allowing you to hit the proper rep ranges in multiple different exercises without the need for space taking equipment that may not work for your unique living situation. Adjustable dumbbells are great for a good pump in between working blocks, before leaving the house in the morning, at the end of a long day or for a full multi-faceted workout building strength gains and muscle growth you desire. Great for all ages, adjustable dumbbells are a great way for you to begin educating your kids to train safely and progress them in weight as their technique and strength develops. Create an atmosphere of health in your home with your new set of adjustable dumbbells today!
Weight: 10lbs-90lbs
Increments: 5lbs
All items are gauranteed against manufacturer defects for a period of 6 months after purchase date. Manufacturer defects are outlined as follows - Dysfunctional dials, brackets or carriages which fail to engage into their set positions - Any malfunction within internal mechanisms rendering the products as non-functional or dangerous to use in normal conditions - Missing parts - Broken welds. ***Evidence of damage cause by dropping dumbbells will void any claim aganst manufacturer defects***