Adjustable Dumbbell Set 10-90lb With Stand

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Comes with:
Pair of 10-90lb Adjustable Dumbbells
Adjustable Dumbbell Stand
A perfect compliment to the Adjustable Dumbbell Set this Adjustable Dumbbell Combo Set with Stand keeps your dumbbells at arms reach for all your heavy lifts. Giving your Adjustable Dumbbells a more organized place in your home, these Adjustable Dumbbells Stands will give your Adjustable Dumbbells prominence ensuring your not skipping your workouts or "forgetting" to pick them off the floor. Essential for your heavy lifts, having your Adjustable Dumbbells Sets off the ground keeps you from wasting precious energy directly prior to a max effort set. Compatible with both the 52.5lb and 90lb versions, these Adjustable Dumbbells Stands are the perfect space saving solution for you home gym.
***Dumbbells Are Included ***
All items are gauranteed against manufacturer defects for a period of 6 months after purchase date. Manufacturer defects are outlined as follows - Dysfunctional dials, brackets or carriages which fail to engage into their set positions - Any malfunction within internal mechanisms rendering the products as non-functional or dangerous to use in normal conditions - Missing parts - Broken welds. ***Evidence of damage cause by dropping dumbbells will void any claim aganst manufacturer defects***